ACSR/AC with Shaped Aluminum Wires

Structure Design

Main Features

With good electrical properties; line diameter is small, the surface is smooth, the wind load is lower than that of the circular line concentric wire of same section, and with good damping characteristics and resistance to wind vibration; using the structure of shaped wire, and the steel core is of aluminum clad steel, coated with anti-corrosion grease, better solved the electrochemical corrosion and crevice corrosion of the wire, greatly extending the life of the wire; smooth wire surface and compact structure, can lower the cold water droplets, ice and snow gathered in the wire surface, effectively reducing the risk of wire dancing; when the wire with high strength steel core, but also has better overload capacity, is to improve the line species of conductor used under ice and snow conditions; It can use the existing tower for laying line, equipped and constructed with routine fittings

Applicable to
Applicable to conventional transmission lines, especially for coastal, island, field, hills, mountains, forests, cities and other environment and areas under serious air pollution.

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