Underwater Optical Fiber Cables

GYTA5333 Steel Tape and Steel Wire Armored Optical Fiber Cable with A Sheath

Product Description

The structure of the GYTA33 cable is to insert single- or multi-mode fibers into a loose tube that is made of high modulus polyester material, filled with a water-resistant compound. A metal reinforced strength member is put in the center of the cable, for some fiber numbers of the cable, the metal reinforced strength member needs to be squeezed with a layer of polyethylene(PE) on the outside. The loose tube (and the filling rope) is stranded around the central reinforced strength member to form a compact circular cable core, and the gaps in the cable core are filled with a water-blocking filler. Coated APL shall be longitudinally applied over the stranded core, then covered with a PE inner sheath. After that, two-side coated PSP needs to be longitudinally applied over the inner sheath, and shall then covered with another layer of PE sheath. Afterwards, the sheath is armored with a single layer of small round steel wires, then it shall be covered with a PE outer sheath.


Structure Design



Structure Design

1.Accurate control of fiber excess length and SZ stranded method to ensure that the cable has excellent mechanical and environmental performance.
2.The material of the loose tube is with excellent hydrolysis resistant performance and high tensile strength, and the tube is filled with special fiber grease in order to provide crucial protection for the fiber.
3.The structure of double-layer armoring and triple-layer sheathing improves the cable’s performance of pressure resistance, bulletproof, moisture resistance, and effectively prevents the cable from rodent bite.
4.Following methods are adopted to ensure the cable’s excellent water-resistant performance:
a)Single steel wire central reinforcement.
b)The loose tube is filled with special waterproof compounds.
c)Cable core is filled with special grease.
d)Coated APL moisture-resistant layer.
e)Two-side coated PSP moisture-resistant layer.
f)Good water-blocking material to prevent the cable from vertical water.
5.Maximum fiber number: 288.


Technical Data


Fiber No.

Steel Wire Diameter

PBT Loose Tube Size(mm)

Cable Diameter(mm)

Allowed Tensile Strength Long-/Short-term(N)

Allowed Crush Force Long-/Short-term(N/100mm)














Note: The structure’s size and specifications can be designed according to customer requirements.


Application Range
Applicable to long-distance communication and inter-office communication.

Erection Method

Temperature Range
Storage and operation: -40℃~+70℃; Erection: -15℃~+60℃.

Bending Radius
Static: 10 times of the cable diameter;
Dynamic: 20 times the cable diameter.

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